Y-Not Natural – Organic Pharmaceutical 100% Pure Emu Oil 200ml | Free Range Aboriginal Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil for Hypoallergenic Skin Care, Hair and Healing | All Natural Source of Vitamin K2

Y-Not Natural – Organic Pharmaceutical 100% Pure Emu Oil 200ml | Free Range Aboriginal Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil for Hypoallergenic Skin Care, Hair and Healing | All Natural Source of Vitamin K2

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Product Description

Feel Younger Now
There is simply no better answer to acheiving youthful skin than ultra-purified Australian emu oil, which is able to moisturize the deepest layers of skin in a way that other moisturizers simply can’t. Unlike other emu oils that are boiled to pastes or dehydrated and reconstituted, our luxury emu oil is purified in a pharmaceutical grade facility using ancient aboriginal methods.  

Feel Sexy Again with Soft, Carressable Skin
Our ultra-purified, moisturizing skin, nails, and hair oil leaves the skin immediately softer and brighter, giving you back your confidence. Most users report an immediately more youthful and more radiant feel and look to their skin from the first application.

Feel Good About Your Skin Care
Our team is absolutely committed to sustainability, kindness, and environmental responsibility. Your youthful skin does not have to come at the cost of the environment.

Stop Searching, and Start Getting Results
You simply won’t find a purer or more effective emu oil product, so start feeling younger now!

Join the Y-Not Natural Skin Care Revolution!

Also Available with Essential Oils.   Don’t forget to check out our full line of Y-Not Natural, Jillaroo Organic Avocado, and Genome skin care, bath & body, and hair growth products!

Entrust Your Youth to the International Leader in Ultra-Purified Australian Emu Oil

What sets Y-Not Natural apart from the other natural skin care brands?

Our team has dedicated well over a decade to developing the most effective, results-based anti-aging products available. Since 2005, Y-Not Natural has been recognized as an Industry leader in high quality emu oil products. Our formula has been carefully researched in 3 leading labs, 4 universities, and 3 hospitals. Y-Not Natural partners with the only emu ranch worldwide with access to biological activity testing facilities.  That’s how we know that we are providing you with the highest quality ultra-pure emu oil on the planet! Unlike our competition, our oils are freshly purified in a pharmaceutical grade, HHACP and GMP licensed plant using the same methods as the Aboriginal people.

Y-Not Natural is truly the highest quality emu oil brand on earth!

SO START GETTING THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE, and don’t forget to look for our full line of emu oil and organic avocado skin care products, to include luxury soaps, moisturizers, shampoo/conditioner, Essential-oil-infused emu oils, and more!

☀️A SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR SKIN. Our incredible oil is steam distilled with REAL EUCALYPTUS OIL using a patented method that removes the odor normally associated with even the freshest oils. From start to finish, our process is built on purity, perfection, and your personal satisfaction. Because our oils are never boiled, dehydrated, or concentrated like the leading brands, our luxury oil’s texture is always smooth, rich, and soothing. So go ahead, pamper yourself. You deserve it!
✅ENJOY THE HIGHEST QUALITY AUSTRALIAN EMU OIL ON THE PLANET. Rest easy knowing that our luxury oil is free range, sustainably produced, and bottled in a hospital grade facility. It is also clinically tested and genetically pure. It is no accident that our 100% pure Australian emu oil is sold in twenty four countries across six continents. You simply won’t find a more trusted or environmentally conscious producer of highly purified Australian emu oil. Your choice for luxury oil at bulk pricing!
☀️START GETTING RESULTS. Trust the best Australian emu oil on earth to nourish tired skin, feed brittle hair, and promote growth and regeneration for skin, hair, nails, and lashes. It is also effective on dry feet, hands, and even your pets will love it! We stand behind the world’s finest Australian emu oil with a FULL PRODUCT LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return this product for a full refund.
✅JOIN THE Y-NOT NATURAL SKIN CARE REVOLUTION! For absolute BEST RESULTS, use with Y-Not Natural Natural Eye Cream with Pure Emu, and Y-Not Natural Pure Emu Caps. Don’t forget to look for our full line of Y-Not Natural, Jillaroo, and Genome Skin Care and Hair Care products!

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