Insulin Resistance Diet: A Nutritionist’s Guide to Help Reverse Prediabetes, Repair Metabolic Damage, Lose Weight & Fight PCOS

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Imagine how different your life would be if you could heal your metabolic damage, help reverse prediabetes, and fight PCOS, simply by changing what you eat.

Is this really possible through dietary and lifestyle intervention? Can you genuinely improve insulin sensitivity just by altering what’s on your plate? In my experience you can, and not only that, it’s actually the most effective way to do it.

Alongside this, you can also finally lose that stubborn belly fat, energize your body, improve concentration levels, and sleep more soundly. Just by making a small change to your eating habits. When it comes to health, it’s essentially the food, and it always has been.

Simon Keller is a nutritionist who specializes in all forms human physiology and peak performance. However it wasn’t until leaving University life and entering into the ‘real world’ did he start to understand how these theoretical topics worked in a practical sense – through 10 years of training and consulting clients within his health and wellness facility in London.

In this insightful and functional book, Keller gives readers a firsthand look into the scientific considerations regarding Insulin Resistance, as well as a practical guide on how to:

  • Tell if you are indeed insulin resistant – what are the warming signs
  • Become aware of the specific conditions caused by metabolic damage
  • Understand the implications excess insulin can have on PCOS
  • The potential infertility risks of not sorting out these issues
  • Truly understanding the Glycemic Load impact of the foods we eat
  • How to get portion sizes & meal frequency right for optimal blood sugar control
  • Example meal plans and recipes to reduce insulin resistance
  • Exercise protocols to re-sensitize skeletal muscle to the effects of insulin once again

… and much more.

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