Emotional Eating: How to Beat Overeating, Food Addiction and Binge Eating with a Meditation Plan and Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

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Do you want to find solutions on how to beat overeating, food addiction and binge eating with a meditation plan and tips to lose weight naturally? If yes, then continue reading…

Some people resort to eating whenever they feel stressed or sad. They think that if they eat the food they crave for during their time of stress, they will feel better. But most of the time, they feel even worse because they then become feel guilty for eating more than they should.

Eating emotionally is unhealthy. Besides it being a cause for being overweight, it doesn’t let you address your right problem.

You may feel a little better while eating but when you finished your food, does it guarantee you that you will never feel stressed again? I mean, feeling stressed or sad or frustrated happens to anyone. I understand some people think it a little too often than others. You should deal with it the right way. You could use other diversions like watching movies or reading books, or you could ask for professional help on how to properly handle stress. If you continue this unhealthy habit, it could lead to obesity if you aren’t already there. But it’s never too late for you to change this pattern.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • What exactly is binge eating disorder?

  • What signs & symptoms can you expect to see in binge eating?

  • Setting a goal

  • What are the ramifications of overeating?

  • Emotional vs physical hunger

  • Deceitful emotions

  • You can change your thinking

  • Eating disorders

  • Mindfulness

  • Common thoughts when overeating

  • Reject the diet mentality

  • Intuitive eating

  • Deep body awareness

  • Obstacles you may face

  • How to stop emotional eating and lose weight

When you’re emotionally hungry, you crave for specific comfort foods. Most of the time, these are unhealthy foods like junk foods or high-calorie foods like pizza and burger.

You don’t get to pay attention and with what and how you eat. You don’t thoroughly enjoy eating, you just eat and eat, and it takes time to feel full because it isn’t your stomach that is hungry, it is your feelings.

Emotional hunger is sudden and often uncontrollable. You just feel it instantly, and you become powerless over it. Most people just give it to this craving right away.

Many of us do not make the connection between eating and our emotions. Understanding what drives us to indulge in emotional eating is a key factor to changing this unhealthy habit. A familiar myth we all have to disregard is about emotional eating being prompted by negative feelings like; stress, anxiety, anger or grief. Yes, people tend to eat bored, lonely, sad, stressed up or anxious. But, we all agree that at some point in life we have celebrated the good news with food. A child who grew up being given candy when they achieved something will continue doing so even when they grow up. This practice becomes their way of rewarding others too. Positive feeling contributes significantly to emotional eating; like on Valentine day, romantic desserts, popcorn and a bag of chips when watching a movie.

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