HOW TO LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS AFTER 50: Simple Health Tips to Eat Better, Have More Energy, Avoid Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight In The Process

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HOW TO LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS AFTER 50 is a “how to Guide” that will give you great tips on how to eat better, have more energy, avoid sugar cravings and lose weight in the process. It is not a fad diet that just works for a few months, it is not a magic pill or beauty cream that will not make you age, it is not a detox tea or a plastic surgeon that will make you look great. It is what you do on a daily basis that will make you look and feel fabulous after 50. It is not a diet; it is a lifestyle. Lifestyle choices that can exert significant control over your biological age.
You will find great information about how to boost your metabolism after 40 , the great advantages of Super Foods such as goji berries , nuts and seeds , avocados , raw chocolate , leafy greens, flax seeds , coconut oil , beets, maca, matcha, oatmeal, wild caught salmon ,chia seeds. You will also find healthy recipes : Acai Bowls, Green Juices , overnigh chia seeds and proteín smoothies. This book will also give you great health tips to be able to avoid Menopause symptoms , advice about working out after 50, beauty tips using natural products, how to read labels , chemicals we should avoid , how to avoid disease, healthy diet to avoid cancer , the advantages of eating raw foods, the benefits of juicing , tips when eating out at restaurants and when traveling.

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