Vitamins and Minerals Biofortification of Edible Plants (New York Academy of Sciences)

Vitamins and Minerals Biofortification of Edible Plants (New York Academy of Sciences)

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A Detailed Reference on How Modern Biotechnology is using the Biofortification of Crops to Improve the Vitamin and Mineral Content of Edible Plants

In this reference, Vitamins and Minerals Bio-Fortification of Edible Plants, authors cover new territory on phytonutrients, focusing on the enhancement and modification of edible crops. This book presents techniques and research findings from modern biotechnology to educate readers on the newest tools and research in the field. Readers will learn how groundbreaking scientific advances have contributed to the nutritional content of edible plants and crops for animals and humans. 

Inside, readers will find comprehensive information on new concepts of biofortification, including but not limited to:

●      Modern biotechnology and its uses for improving the vitamin and mineral content of edible plants

●      Potential minerals and vitamins that can be targeted and implemented in agriculture

●      Ways of enhancing the nutritional contents of edible plants to address nutritional deficiencies and improve livestock

●      Methods of identifying plants that can be used to heal or prevent disease and illness 

While many books cover the phytonutrients of crops, this reference book reports on methodologies, techniques, and environmental changes used to enhance and improve agricultural products. It is one of the first to provide information on using modern biotechnologies to modify crops with the goal of creating health benefits.

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