Seduction Simplified: Free Version: Change of Vision: Sexes Are Complementary, Not opposed to Each Other

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When defining the main characteristic of this book for the purpose of this prologue, I did not hesitate for an instant: Seduction Simplified making the difficult easy. In order to put across his ideas, Germán employs plain language and a didactic tone, always followed by his own personal experience, completing thus the praxis that goes with his theory of seduction. I believe it is impossible to read this book and find his experience inconsequential for your life; the concepts he presents are so simple, so true, so wholesome, that you will carry them with you for a long time.
Martín Rieznik, Director of Levantart

As the American expert Leil Lowndes puts it, “true love is a luxury, not our preordained birthright. As with achieving any luxury, we must examine the most powerful methods to acquire it.”

Throughout our lives men and women acquire and develop social skills and methods of seduction. Your method may be based on buying flowers, dancing, playing an instrument, complimenting, lying or being completely honest. Quite a few years ago, during my first nights out, my “method” consisted in simply sitting down and waiting for a girl to come up to me…and it worked, but with very few girls! Let’s just say it was a very limited “method”. The desire to overcome that limitation was what led me to research the most effective ways to attract women and improve my social skills. Nevertheless, my main aim here is not to expound on the most effective seduction techniques and methods, but rather on how we can successfully become more attractive as individuals through personal growth and awareness of our own potential.

I used to be really bad attracting women, seriously, I didn’t have any idea of what to do with them. I started as a student in LevantArt, the biggest seduction academy of the Spanish-speaking world and later, co-founder Martin Rieznik confessed to me that his first impression of me was that I was hopeless. But I studied, and studied a lot. My Saturday nights alone watching Netflix ended and I became a Seduction Coach in the LevantArt academy. Now, after five years of advising hundreds of men of different ages, professions and interests and then three years of travelling around the world meeting girls from all over, this book is the result of all my experiences.

The same book (or, as entitled in Spanish, Seductor Infalible) has been successfully published, is currently on sale in Argentina’s top bookstores as "El Ateneo Grand Splendid", and has achieved solid success.

This book explores how to build an attractive personality through personal development. It offers a new perspective that puts individual growth as the key to enjoying a full social life and being successful with women. It also helps open the door to unknown depths of ourselves. It is an invitation to discover our own assets and be honest with ourselves in order to meet and relate with women. This work describes in detail introspective mechanisms that will allow us to explore and look into our own attractiveness in a new light. Seduction Simplified is easily accessible and uncomplicates the complicated.

The book will help you to:

– Assume a different attitude towards women
– Develop your identity
– Discover what attracts women
– Improve your self-esteem
– Be confident
– Learn the difference between generating attraction in women and seeking their approval
– Improve your emotional and social intelligence
– Overcome shyness
– Develop an attractive personality based on your interests
– Deepen your relationships and network effectively
– Understand the meaning of happiness and how it can affect our attractiveness

(Free version is limited to the first Part of the book)

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