Magic Words for Losing the Weight: 21-Day Ultimate Lose Weight Plan Using Only Words

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Magic Words for Losing the Weight is the last weight loss book that you’ll ever need. Whether you are a man or woman, need to lose 200 pounds or 50, have tried everything to lose weight or are trying to lose weight for the first time, you can benefit from this concise, enjoyable, informative book. Using scientific information and a 21-day instruction plan, this book will take you on a journey of self-discovery and affirmation that will inevitably lead to you actually losing weight. If you’re in need of some coaching on how to lose weight, look no further, the final weight loss solution is here.

Maybe you’ve been trying to lose weight for years and have no success. There’s nothing quite so discouraging as trying so hard and still not getting the results you need. Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of the mental process of weight loss. Accordingly, they focus on the wrong areas and end up sabotaging their processes. You don’t have to be like those people. You can see real change without all the crazy diets. Never crash diet again! Numerous men and women struggle to learn how to lose weight but look no further because the solution detailed in this book is simple. It requires time and effort, but it is discussed in an easy to understand manner that can be accomplished by anyone.

Using real stories, you’ll be able to visualize how people have used this technique to create dramatic before and after transformations. Further, the book will guide your progress and give you tips along the way. It will guide you using tools like journaling and meditation to help you track your progress and become in tune with yourself. Your body and your mind must work together for this to work, which is what sets this book apart from all others.

The 21-day plan is the absolute best way to lose weight because not only does it give faster results than many diets, it gives more permanent results. Thus, you won’t be back up to your, before weight in just a few months or years. If you’re sick of feeling bad about your body and want to stop trying to lose weight, Magic Words for Losing the Weight has all the answers to your dieting woes. Plus, it will show you how to feel more confident about yourself, no matter your size.

This book will show you how to:
•Lose weight and keep that weight off forever.
•Stop diet cycling for good, and keep your ideal body forever.
•Be content with your body as it is right now.
•Find confidence in yourself.
•Use neuroscience to help you lose weight.
•Be part of the elite 5% of people who lose weight and keep it off.
•Continue to eat the foods you’ve love while still losing weight.
•Follow a 21-day habit-changing plan.
•Create manageable and permanent good habits.
•Like yourself after years of self-hate.
•Stop being afraid of failure.
•Talk to yourself with kind words.
•Use tools like journaling and self-reflection for the better.
•Change your life today!

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