Running to Lose – How to lose weight running and manage your weight without dieting

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Forget dieting and instead lose weight running

Dieting can be boring, hard, soul-destroying and almost always a temporary way to lose and manage weight. Repeated failures lead to repeated disappointments.
Running is one of the most natural things we humans can do. Once you become a runner, the feelings you have about food will alter forever.
Running to Lose is a concise, quick read that will help you shift focus away from weight loss together with all the negativity that endless weight loss battles bring.
This book might not take long to read, but the effect it has on you could last a lifetime.

Dieting is proven not to work in the long term

You can bypass the traditional thinking about weight loss and focus on more positive ways to help you manage your weight. Why shift the focus? Because it’s vital, because it’s what the latest research determines is the most effective. Weight loss and thoughts of being over-weight have many bad connotations, and it’s hardly surprising that the consequential negative mindset is counter-productive to leading a healthy life.
This book shows you how to top focusing on losing weight (because thinking about weight loss leads to poor self image), and instead switch on to a far more positive, rewarding, and healthy approach to weight management.

More energy, more enthusiasm, more life

Instead of less, think more. This short book will give you 10 things to do and ten things not to do. Running to Lose can help you get off on the right foot and run in a sustainable way. A way that means that you don’t have to put up with endless battles against your body weight.
So dump the dieting for good, for the vast majority of people it simply doesn’t work. Add more to your life —make a start now by reading this book.

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