How to Lose Weight Fast Without a Diet: A 7-Step Program

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Do we need another damn book about losing weight?

Being overweight affects your wellbeing. Every year millions of people struggle to get back in shape. This book, based on creativity and personal research, aims to solve the problem by introducing a simple seven-step program that requires little effort and resources. Eat what you want and stay in shape with a simple routine.

The problem with losing weight according to self-proclaimed ‘experts’ is that you have to face a double punishment, starving and forced labor. Perhaps even a feeding tube :-). This alone makes you think twice and give up the next time the gym/meal planner membership fee is due.

I follow no diet and never will―life is too short for that. Now, how can you stay at 165 lbs. 6’2 at 56 without even getting diabetes? I’ve been following simple rules for thirty years.

With minimal willpower, without going to the gym or going broke, you can develop a light routine of physical activities with inexpensive tools you can get at the store for less than $20 (you can even make them yourself), and get rid of that extra weight.

How can a beginner start losing weight?
First, choose a diet and a workout plan that fits your body, health, and goals. All can work for women but an exercise in the tub may be a poor substitute for a full-fledged exercise routine.
Garden of Wisdom says that the two biggest mistakes people make in dieting are the fact that they end up eating fewer calories than they need to and also the fact that they follow the wrong exercise plan. That means the foods you eat don’t provide any nutritional value. The two issues are referred to as "one- and two-way" problems.
Garden of Wisdom says that you have to first choose what you want to eat and then you have to "select" to achieve a particular result.

Is dieting a good way to lose weight?
When we eat a lot, we don’t need to think about how we feel or think about the reasons why we feel bad. It’s always easier to force ourselves to eat what we want than to discover a way to maintain our health. When we stop eating, we tend to think about our feelings negatively and they tend to keep us from eating a healthy balanced meal. The new research on dieting and health suggests that going on a diet can be more effective than worrying about food in the long-term.

How can I lose weight naturally?
Calories can be stored and burned in different parts of the body. If you eat more calories, you have more calories to burn. Allowing yourself to eat some meals and snacks during the day also can help reduce your appetite and thus weigh you down even further.

What happens to your body when you lose weight?
Do you have a "losing weight" situation or do you have an "at the start" situation?
Think about how it reacts to being forced to starve yourself for a few months. That is how the body is tuned to endure hunger. The human body is under conscious control by eating and constantly watching how much you eat. This is how food is coded into the brain and what our behavior is about food.
So how do we lose weight? The way to lose weight is to build lean muscle mass instead of junk fat. You may only need adequate muscle mass to tone your body, best achieved using your body weight and not heavy objects.

Can you lose weight without changing your diet?
The natural diet is to simply eat what you like and exercise what you enjoy. The natural diet works better than the conventional diet. Eat a sensible breakfast.

Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting just exercise?
You bet your butt.
Some people eat more calories than they burn. If you move regularly, you can eat what you want, but you must reduce heavy cholesterol food like eggs, fish, fried food, and salad dressing; use olive oil instead.

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