Lose Weight AND Stay Sane: How to lose weight the RIGHT way and stay healthy

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Lose Weight And Stay Sane is all about realistic and doable strategies.

  • No, I won’t promise you with unhealthy, unrealistic, impractical and nasty "tips" or "strategies" to lose weight.
  • This book is not about doing over-the-top stunts or indulging in starving sessions to lose weight.
  • It is also not about introducing you to crash diets that promise losing 10 pounds in 2 days.
  • And, this book is also not about making you use harmful pills that promise to make you slim without you realizing what you’ve lost on the inside!

I highlight what this book is not about in the beginning because I am sure you are already tired of these kinda junk (which is most probably re-hashed).

This book is about making you fit and fab from inside out.

I am more concerned about your "health" rather than the number you see on your scale. It doesn’t matter if you are size zero or size 100; if you can’t get up from your chair to reach the coffee machine and get a coffee, you’re not fit but you’re unhealthy!

There are thousands of ways to lose weight. But you don’t want all of them, certainly! You want only a handful of healthy ways to lose weight.

You don’t want to go on a crash diet, rip off calories and essential elements from your body, lose weight happily, invent all sorts of weaknesses, and then gain back double the weight.

Rather you want to stay healthy, stay fit, do only realistic stuff that helps you not to add to your weight, have a healthy life style and healthy eating, and stay beautiful – you see there’s lots of things in there and it is not just about watching your scale!

While it is important that you look slim, and beautiful, it is much more important to stay healthy and beautiful from the inside.

Losing weight is not a sprint. It is a marathon. It is an attitude. A lifestyle.

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