Weight Loss Tips for the Struggling Dieter: How to Lose Weight without the Stress

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Getting fit and healthier means getting off the couch and getting more physically active every day. By increasing your activity levels, your body has an increased metabolism throughout the day, even when you aren’t active.

Here are some easy ways to get more fit through increased activity. Wendy Chin dropped pounds by doing housework. Doing housework on a regular basis burns a lot of calories, and gives you the opportunity for losing weight just from cleaning alone. If you currently have a housekeeper, consider canceling their services and taking over cleaning on your own. You can either clean a little every day, or spend several hours on the weekend doing cleaning. Not only will you get regular workouts in your schedule, but your house will be cleaner than it ever was before. You may even find that you’re looking for more hardcore cleaning, similar to spring cleaning.

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