Dana Carpender’s Keto Fat Gram Counter: The Quick-Reference Guide to Balancing Your Macros and Calories

Dana Carpender’s Keto Fat Gram Counter: The Quick-Reference Guide to Balancing Your Macros and Calories

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Need help figuring out what you can and can't eat on your keto diet? “Low-Carb Queen” Dana Carpender takes the guesswork out of knowing which foods are on or off the table with this handy little guide. This book includes a comprehensive directory of total fat, carbs, protein, fiber, and calorie amounts for countless types of food—from meat, fruits, and vegetables to popular packaged and restaurant foods.

Also included are the best keto/low-carb tips from the Low-Carb Queen herself. This is a perfect quick reference to help you balance your macronutrients for a successful keto/low-carb/intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Grab this little book and carry it in your purse, pocket, or briefcase and you'll never struggle to stay keto.

From the Publisher

Dana Carpender’s Keto Fat Gram Counter

Welcome to the wonderful world of keto! I’ve been running my body on fat and ketones for almost twenty-four years now, and I have never considered going back to the mood and energy swings that came from running a glucose-based metabolism. You know those ads about “that three o’clock feeling,” the ones that assume that everybody’s energy crashes a few hours after lunch? Or the ones about how you just have to have a snack halfway through the afternoon or you’ll fall over? Yeah, no. Haven’t had a blood sugar crash in years.

Snacks just aren’t a big thing for me anymore. Once I’ve had a cheese and avocado omelet fried in bacon grease for breakfast, I’m not hungry again for… well, quite a while. I have long since fallen into a pattern of eating two meals a day, rather than three. I’m just not hungry enough for three meals a day. When I think back on the years when I ate a Low fat diet centered on whole grains and other “good” carbs, and how ravenous I constantly felt, it’s nightmarish. Yes, my life still centers on food to a large degree, since I write about it for a living. But that desperate “OMG, I have to eat something right now or I’ll collapse!” feeling? Nope.

Though my body has adapted to running on fat and ketones—which took just a few days for me—my energy level still fluctuates, sure, depending on how much sleep I’ve had, my stress level, the weather. But my actual fuel supply has been steady, constant, and reliable. When I burn through the fuel from my last meal, I shift smoothly over to burning body fat with no energy drop. Just the way the body evolved to work.

Are you ready for limitless energy? Are you ready to teach your body to burn fat for fuel? Are you ready to finally not be hungry all the time?

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