Simply Vitamins Minerals And Trace Elements

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Each food brings its share of vitamins, minerals and trace foods. However, it is difficult to navigate. So I want to answer all the following questions: the different names, its classification, in which foods we find what we are looking for, its main functions in the body, the signs to pay attention to in case of deficiency, the factors that promote proper use, the factors that prevent its proper use and the recommended amounts each day. All this information allows us to align ourselves with good resolutions to move towards health.
If we recommend a particular vitamin, for example vitamin D for the winter, you will find all the associated information there. It is not a work that you read from one end to the other but a reference work according to the needs of each person.
In my opinion, it is important to know our needs and how to take care of ourselves.
Of course, exercise, a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, sleep, emotions and many other factors are essential in the awareness of good health. Already, we must realize the importance of being healthy. This often comes either from experiencing problems yourself or seeing that of a sick loved one. Then we make plans and try all kinds of things. Obviously you have to take into account the diet and there are all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
But it is impossible to remember everything, hence the practical side of this work. By looking for the information there so we need we can find its balance there and I wish you a good health.

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